4 Common Sense Pointers for Hiking Trail Etiquette

By Leanne Arnott
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Have you ever gone hiking and come across a fellow hiker that won't move over to let you pass on the trail? Or you find you're following a trail of snack wrappers, garbage and unsightly used toilet paper?

So you don't:

a) gross out fellow hikers and

b) Respect the environment and the rest of us please follow some basic hiking etiquette and common sense.

1) Stay on the trail -- Trails have been created for a reason. They protect the surrounding area from mass trampling and destruction and maintain easier access into the area you are hiking.

Do not take any shortcuts that deviate from the trail.

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The Importance of the Plan - Safety in Hiking

By Jeremy P Stanfords

Nature fascinates, of that there is no doubt.

It beckons many to its pathways and canopy corners, entreating long walks and longer days. But those days can quickly turn to folly if precautions are not taken. The purpose of an afternoon may be relaxation, but that does not preclude good sense. A hiking trail is more than just an excuse for exercise, after all; it is a reason to be careful.

Before any trip is attempted, consider always these easy steps:

One: know the location. Before venturing anywhere do simple research to learn the hours, trail ratings and rules of a park or walking area. Spontaneity may excite but it can also bring complications. It's better to plan.

Two: Check the weather. An all too easy mistake is to think of everything but the sun.

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